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Invest in your well-being: Take control of your future with powerful hypnotherapy.

How I can help you.



Do you frequently find yourself wanting to pursue certain endeavors but lacking the confidence to do so? By addressing our inner critical voice that undermines our self-worth and capabilities, we can cultivate the confidence needed to overcome these barriers.


Frequent criticism from family, friends, and society can erode our self-worth over time, leading to low self-esteem. This lack of confidence can hinder our ability to make even minor decisions.


Many people hold the belief that achieving change is a challenging endeavor. However, change can actually be accomplished with relative ease and speed, requiring nothing more than the desire to make it happen. Yet, it is in sustaining these changes over the long term that requires additional time and practice.


Anxiety, worry, and fear are common emotions we all experience. They are natural responses to specific situations, such as upcoming job interviews or concerns about meeting financial obligations.


Do you frequently find yourself pondering questions such as "Why does it seem like things always go wrong for me?" or repeating regrets like "I wish I hadn't done that" over and over again? Perhaps you often worry about potential job or relationship loss, or fear the possibility of failure. If these thoughts resonate with you, you're not alone.


Are you tired of persistently dwelling on negative thoughts, yet feeling helpless to alter them? Do you sense a lack of control over your behavior and wish to make a change? I am here to offer assistance in addressing these challenges.


Phobias are intense fears triggered by terrifying mental images. The brain amplifies these images, leading to a fear response. While phobias can vary in impact, they can affect mental and physical health. Seeking professional help is essential as phobias are treatable. You are not alone, and support is available.


Overcoming trauma involves actively working through and processing traumatic experiences in order to heal and regain a sense of well-being. It often involves therapy, support, and various coping strategies to address the emotional, psychological, and physical effects of the trauma.


Public speaking is the act of delivering a speech or presentation to an audience. It requires effective communication skills, confidence, and the ability to engage and connect with listeners in order to convey a message or share information.




Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) emerged in the 1990s through the work of Gary Craig, an engineer and performance coach. This innovative therapy blends principles of traditional Chinese medicine, focused on energy meridians, with techniques from cognitive and exposure therapies. By gently tapping on specific body points while focusing on an issue, EFT aims to release emotional blocks and promote healing. Its unique and holistic approach has gained recognition within the mental health field for addressing a wide range of emotional challenges.

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) is a relatively modern therapeutic approach that combines Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) emerged in the 1970s through the collaborative efforts of Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Bandler, a computer science student, and Grinder, a linguistics professor, set out to understand and model the patterns of successful therapists, including Fritz Perls (Gestalt therapy) and Virginia Satir (family therapy), and later, Milton H. Erickson (hypnotherapy). Cognitive- behavioural therapy (CBT) with hypnotherapy techniques. Its history can be traced back to the integration of these two methods to create a comprehensive and synergistic form of psychotherapy.



Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) In the 1970s, Richard Bandler, a computer science student, and John Grinder, a linguistics professor, joined forces to create Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Their goal: decipher and replicate the effectiveness of renowned therapists like Fritz Perls (Gestalt therapy), Virginia Satir (family therapy), and Milton H. Erickson (hypnotherapy). By studying these masters, they aimed to unify techniques from various therapies and build a comprehensive framework for understanding and influencing human behaviour and communication.

My story


Greetings, I'm Ahmad Zabihi, originally from Iran, raised in Denmark, and residing in the UK for nearly 12 years. My professional journey encompasses roles in civil engineering, business management, and a CEO position, offering diverse experiences, including customer service. While seemingly unrelated to psychology, these roles contribute to my practical and grounded perspective.

Living in three distinct cultures has granted me valuable insights into the stress and anxiety arising from everyday situations, fueling my passion to assist others in navigating life's challenges. Always a support to friends, my motivation lies in contributing to their well-being while forging a meaningful career

I am a certified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist (CBH) from The UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy and a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR). Furthermore, I hold a certification as a master practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) having received outstanding training from Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna. Additionally, I am a master practitioner and trainer in Emotional freedom technique (EFT), certified by the Guild of Energists under Dr Silvia Hartmann.

I specialise in aiding individuals dealing with anxiety, stress, weight loss, smoking cessation, and pain management.

My approach is gentle and supportive, rooted in the belief that everyone possesses the power to heal themselves. Utilising techniques such as relaxation, visualisation, and positive reinforcement, I help clients tap into their inner resources.

Whether it be through face-to-face or virtual sessions, my unwavering dedication lies in offering compassionate, empathetic, and supportive care. I am fully committed to facilitating and supporting individuals on their path towards enhanced mental health and overall well-being.


Quotation Mark

Thank you, thank you, thank you. My experience with hypnotherapy helped me overcome my exam anxiety and pass my gas engineer exam with a good grade.

APM, 25 London

Quotation Mark

Ahmad helped me to identify the underlying issues which have been bothering me for years. Once I understood these issues he helped me very smoothly to address them and take the appropriate action to remedy them.He is a very calm and understanding person and patient listener.

ST, 64 London

Quotation Mark

In just a few sessions, Ahmad helped me transform my self-esteem. Forever grateful.

FM, 36 Copenhagen

the art of being present, the path to a better life

I have successfully worked with many clients in the following areas:

Low self-esteem


Fears and phobias


Pain management

Sleep problems

Performance anxiety

And more

If you are ready to take control of your mind and life, I would be honoured to help you on your journey. I offer a variety of hypnosis services, including individual and group sessions, online and in-person. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your goals!


I want to thank you for the hypnotherapy sessions addressing my work presentation stress. They've notably improved my stress management during meetings, boosting my self-confidence. Your exceptional expertise and guidance profoundly impacted my professional development, and I'm incredibly grateful for the positive impact. Thank you!

NM- Toronto



- PG Dip. Business Management

- Dip. Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH)

(The UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy)

- The General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR).

- NLP Master Practitioner.

(Dr. Richard Bandler)

- EFT Master Practitioner and Trainer.

- Modern Stress Management

- Energy In Motion Master Practitioner

(Silvia Hartmann, The guild of Energist)

Guild of Energists

a journey to peace,

one breath at a time.

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My approach


I know it can be hard to ask for help, but it’s important to work with someone you trust

who sees you as an individual, not a label. That’s why if we work together, your treatment plan

will be tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our sessions will be conducted in a safe and comfortable

environment where you feel free to explore anything without judgment or embarrassment.

I’m fun, practical, and down-to-earth, and that’s exactly how our sessions will be.

What to expect:


What happens at a treatment?


Free Consultation

During our initial session, we will discuss the reasons for your visit, the impact of your concern on your daily life, and the objectives or desired outcomes you hope to accomplish through our collaborative efforts.


Therapy Sessions

Your therapy sessions will be tailored to your individual needs and goals. We may use a variety of techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH), hypnotherapy, or mindfulness. The goal is to help you develop new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.


Practical Exercises

I will provide you with resources and exercises to help you continue your progress outside of our sessions. Studies show that clients who are actively involved in their therapy are more likely to achieve their goals.


From the very first session, I felt a sense of calm and trust in my hypnotherapist. With their gentle guidance, I embarked on a journey deep within my subconscious mind, where the root causes of my depression were hiding.

AA- Toronto

Why choose me


I bring with me years of expertise in holistic healing

I'm not just a therapist,

  • I'm a transformation guide. My combined expertise in CBH, NLP, and EFT gives you access to a potent toolbox to tackle any challenge and create lasting change.

  • Tailored To Your Journey: No cookie-cutter solutions here. We'll co-create a personalized journey using the right tool at the right time to empower your transformation.

  • I'm your supportive guide and cheerleader on your journey to a happier, healthier you.

  • My practice is a judgment-free zone where you can explore your challenges and rediscover your inner strength.

  • Witnessing my clients' breakthroughs fuels my passion. I'm dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential and shine brighter than ever.

Frequently asked Questions​​

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes, everyone can be hypnotised. With a positive mindset and motivation, it can be practiced and mastered, similar to riding a bicycle.

Can I be made to do anything I do not want to do?

No, hypnosis cannot make you do anything against your will. It's a collaborative process, and you retain control. Hypnosis aligns with your values, and suggestions are accepted based on your consent and comfort.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions needed isn't predetermined; it varies for each individual. Every person's journey is unique, and we can't predict the outcomes of each session. However, your commitment significantly influences the treatment's course. Your dedication, especially in working through exercises between sessions, plays a crucial role in achieving the desired outcomes. The focus is on tailoring the process to your individual needs and progress, fostering a collaborative and dynamic approach to therapy.

What is expected of a client in hypnotherapy?

In hypnotherapy, clients are typically expected to actively engage in the therapeutic process. This includes:

  1. Open Communication: Sharing thoughts, feelings, and concerns with the hypnotherapist to facilitate a tailored approach.
  2. Willingness to Change: Being open to exploring and making changes in thoughts, behaviors, or perspectives that contribute to the issue.
  3. Follow-through: Committing to any suggested exercises or tasks between sessions to reinforce the therapeutic work.
  4. Relaxation and Focus: During hypnosis, clients are expected to relax and focus on the hypnotic suggestions to maximize the effectiveness of the therapy.
  5. Feedback: Providing feedback on the progress and experiences during sessions helps refine and adjust the therapeutic approach.

I feel quite embarrassed to seek help. Is this normal?

Certainly! It requires immense courage to share our struggles with someone, or even acknowledge that we are facing difficulties. However, by the end of your initial consultation, those fears and concerns will dissipate. It is just one of the many significant obstacles you will overcome. Please rest assured that you are not alone. During your initial consultation, we will address any reservations or questions you may have before making any commitments.

Is it possible to get stuck in hypnosis?

No, this isn't possible. Consider hypnosis like daydreaming. You may daydream, but you always refocus, becoming fully conscious again. Even if left in a trance, you'd eventually drift into sleep or open your eyes. The issue arises when stuck in a mental fantasy as a protective measure. Cognitive Hypnotherapy helps break this negative trance.

How do I book a session?

To schedule a session, please visit my contact page to send a message or call me. If I'm unavailable when you call or email, I assure you that I'll promptly return your call, typically within 24 hours.

Ahmad Zabihi pictured here with Dr. Richard Bandler the co-founder of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) was developed in the 1970s.

Paul McKenna and Ahmad Zabihi




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I usually see clients in a very pleasant therapy room in either central Royal Tunbridge Wells or Southborough. Parking is available nearby.